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Rough Green Snake <image courtesy Leslie Mack>

  • Adult body length: 22 - 32 inches, record 45½ inches
  • Breeding period: mate in spring and fall
  • Young per year: lay 3 - 12 eggs from June to August
  • Typical foods: insects and spiders


The Rough Green Snake has keeled scales and a divided anal plate . It is uniform pea-green in color with a white to yellowish green under surface. Recently hatched individuals are greenish-gray.

Overall Range
Southern New Jersey south to Florida, west to eastern Kansas and through Texas into Mexico.

Range in Ohio
Extreme southern counties.
Rough Green Snake Ohio Map

Local Habitat
Vines, bushes and trees near water, often found in dense vegetation overhanging the edge of a stream or lake.


The Rough Green Snake is diurnal. People who have seen it in nature call it a "graceful, mild-tempered tree-dweller." It moves slowly through vegetation, its green color making it almost invisible. This snake swims so well that one author calls it "almost semi-aquatic, freely entering shallow bodies of water."


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