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800bc-100? Prehistoric Indians constructed Serpent Mound in what is today Adams County. The mound is an embankment of earth nearly a quarter mile long which represents a gigantic snake. It is the finest serpent effigy mound in the Untied States.
1781 In return for Virginia ceding its land claims, Congress granted this section between the Scioto and Miami rivers to Virginia to pay Revolutionary War veterans.
1791 Nathaniel Massie established Manchester, Adams County, the first American settlement in the Virginian Military District.
1803-1810 & 1812-1816 Chillicothe was the capital of Ohio.
1814-1818 Thomas Worthington, of Chillicothe, served as Ohio's 6th governor after having also served as one of the state's first US senators.
1822 Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War General and 18th President, born in Point Pleasant, Clermont County. His birthplace is now an Ohio Historical Society museum, as is the school house in Georgetown, Brown County, where he studied from age 6 to 13.
1825-1865 Presbyterian minister John Rankin and his wife Jean sheltered as many as 2,000 runaway slaves on their way to freedom in their Brown County house.
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