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100bc-400 In what is today southeastern Licking County, was the site of one of America's most ancient and widely used flint quarries. Though mined as early as 10,000 BC, the Hopewell Indians did most of the quarrying about 2,000 years ago and traded it as far away as present day Louisiana, Kansas City, and Ontario, Canada.
1778 Fort Laurens constructed in Tuscarawas County. It is the only fort built during the American Revolution by the Continental Army in the Ohio country. Soldiers abandoned the fort in 1779.
1796 The US Congress assigned this land to be distributed to Revolutionary War veterans in return for the land bounties they had received as payment for their service in the war.
1799 Ebenezer Zane cut Zane's Trace through Ohio and founded Zanesville, Muskingum County.
1812 Columbus chosen as the state capital. The present statehouse dates from 1857.
1817 A group of German religious dissenters found Zoar Village, in Tuscarawas County. They established a communal social and economic system from 1819 to 1898.
1872 Zane Grey, author of ninety western novels, born in Zanesville.
1886 Trade union leaders established the American Federation of Labor at a meeting in Columbus.
1962 John H. Glenn, Jr., of New Concord, Muskingum County, became the first American and Ohioan to orbit the earth.
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