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Virginia Pine Leaf Virginia Pine Fruit
Leaf Characteristics
  • needle-like
  • clusters of 2
  • short needles, less than 3" long
  • yellow-green to gray-green
Fruit Characteristics
  • cone or cone-like
  • cones mostly larger than 1"
  • each scale of the cone with an end wing
  • cone dry and hard
  • scales thick
  • cone less than 4" long
  • scales with spines
  • cones egg shaped
  • rounded at base

Virginia Pine
Pinus virginiana

This is a relatively small tree. The bark is dark reddish-brown, smooth on young trees, separated into small, flat scaly plates on older trees. The tree grows well on poor, dry soils and sometimes is referred to as "scrub pine." This is the most common pine tree that is native to Ohio. Seldom used for lumber, the wood is used for pulpwood, fuel, railroad ties and mine props. Pitch Pine and Short-leaf Pine are two other of approximately 8 pines that are found in Ohio.

Virginia Pine Tree
Tree Size
height 30' - 40'
  diameter 1' - 1 1/2'

Virginia Pine Branch
Branch With Flowers

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