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Sacrlet Oak Leaf Sacrlet Oak Fruit
Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat
  • simple
  • pinnately lobed
  • bristle tips
  • deeply lobed
  • middle lobe not narrow
  • leaves small, 3" to 5" long
  • lobes broad toward tips
Fruit Characteristics
  • acorn
  • cup without fringe, without long stalk
  • acorn no longer than 1"
  • scales not swollen, mostly flat
  • deeper cup
  • cup covers 1/2 of nut
  • nut usually light brown

Scarlet Oak
Quercus coccinea

The impressive fall coloration of the leaves gives this tree its common name. It is an upland tree, growing in sandy and gravelly soils on ridges, bluffs, and dry slopes. In Ohio, it mainly is found in the southern and eastern parts of the state. The coarse-grained, strong wood has similar uses to that of Red Oak, but is considered by some to be inferior. The tree grows rapidly, and with its attractive foliage makes a desirable ornamental or shade tree. Wildlife make some use of the acorns as food.

Sacrlet Oak Tree
Tree Size
height 60' - 80'
     diameter 1' - 3'

Sacrlet Oak Bark

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