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Sugar Maple Leaf Sugar Maple Fruit
Leaf Characteristics
  • broad, flat
  • simple
  • palmately lobed
  • notches U-shaped
  • small notches
  • without milky juice
  • not hairy beneath
Fruit Characteristics
  • paired wings
  • wings 60 to 90 degrees apart
  • winged seed about 1" long

Sugar Maple
Acer saccharum

In spring, the numerous yellow flowers give this tree a distinctive appearance. The tree grows well in fertile, moist, and well-drained soils. Still, it can be found in poorer, rocky soil as well. It is widely distributed in Ohio. The wood is hard, close-grained, and heavy, making this a very valuable timber tree. It has many uses, including for flooring, furniture, veneer, musical instruments, and a variety of woodenware. In terms of quantity produced, this tree is the best source of maple sugar, and has been used as such since the days of early settlement. Before then it was used by Native American Indians.

Sugar Maple Tree
Tree Size
     height   75' - 100'
     diameter    2' - 4'

Sugar Maple Bark

Sugar Maple Twig
Twigs and Buds

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