Mail Settings Outside OPLIN Network

If you have tried to set up an email client on your home computer, smartphone, or other device to access email using the OPLIN mail server, and your attempts have failed...the simple answer is you are still able to receive mail, but you just cannot send mail.

You can receive mail via the OPLIN incoming mail server, but we do not allow access to our outgoing mail server if you are outside the OPLIN network. Basically, this means that you are not coming from an OPLIN-provided IP address (66.213.X.X), and therefore, cannot send email through our mail server.

The primary reason for this precaution is to block or control spam from outside our network.

Alternative methods for accessing your OPLIN email on mobile and home devices:

  1. Access OPLIN webmail ( from a web browser on your smartphone or laptop to send and receive email. You can always use OPLIN webmail to check your email from any location.
  2. Use our incoming mail server with POP3 settings to receive email but use your mobile carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint) or another email provider (Google, Yahoo) for your outgoing mail SMTP settings. The POP3 section of the setup should be the same as a local client in your library, but the SMTP section should specify your provider's SMTP.

* One additional setting to check on your email client – see if it has an option to leave mail on the mail server; otherwise, your phone (or other device) will download and delete all mail from the server, and then your other client at the library (or elsewhere) will not be able to retrieve it any longer. This is another reason that we just suggest using OPLIN webmail.